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Emanuel Anzules was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and immigrated to the United States at the age of 7, to reunite with his parents and sister in Passaic, New Jersey. He attended public school until he began his studies at Rutgers University, graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Puerto Rican Hispanic Caribbean History. In college, Emanuel was an active member within the Latino community and leader on campus, particularly as president of his class. He also volunteered for the New Labor School, teaching ESL classes to adult undocumented community members. During his senior year, Emanuel interned at Univision Network in New York City, and assisted with the production of “Despierta America,” a daily news, current events, and entertainment show.

Upon graduating college, Emanuel began his teaching career as a 2007 Teach For America corps members in Los Angeles, California, where he taught 11th grade Spanish. A year later, he relocated back to the east coast and worked as a Target stores executive for a year before returning to the classroom in the south Bronx. Emanuel taught elementary and middle school six years, and he currently teaches U.S. History and Government to 11th graders.

Male pageantry has allowed Emanuel to reach a larger audience and bring relevant issues to life. In the past, he advocated for those living with HIV/AIDS, victims of human trafficking, and more recently, advocating for the rights of immigrants. Coming from a family of immigrants, Emanuel finds it necessary to address misconceptions about the experiences many immigrants live through, and the fears they endure. He is passionately enthused to devote his time as Mr. United States to support this mission. Additionally, Emanuel is looking to begin a career in television/ radio broadcast journalism with hopes to one day own a talk show. 

Emanuel currently lives in the Bronx, New York, with his partner and two dogs. He enjoys working out, watching reality television, practicing for a spot on Jeopardy, and preparing delicious vegan meals!


Right the Rights of u.s. immigrants


On the road to the Mr. United States Pageant, Emanuel gained the support of his community by asking everyone to join his awareness campaign focused on the rights of United States immigrants. 'Right The Rights of U.S. Immigrants' is a program designed to increase immigration awareness and the responsiveness of immigrant issues in America. Emanuel is the son of two Peruvian immigrant parents, who like many, came to the United States in search of a better life. "I've experienced the challenges of immigration first-hand, and I hope to increase our societal space of empathy and compassion towards the basic rights of those who are often neglected and ignored." (EA)   

'Right The Rights...' is a two-pillared platform that addresses the policies that shape our nation's acceptance of foreign immigrants, as well as the protection of the civic and social rights of American immigrants. Using social media activism, Emanuel brings major attention to issues that are often overlooked. He has sparked several community conversations regarding the contributions of undocumented immigrants in America, the necessity of federal programs like DACA, and many other issues that seek resolve. As a school teacher, he also excels in classroom activism by engaging his students in meaningful initiatives promoting social consciousness and active citizenship. "My ultimate goal is to give a new voice to some of our nation's most unheard people. I know that my life's experiences were not merely designed for my own knowledge and well-being. If I can refocus the national lens and reshape our domestic narrative of what it means to be an American immigrant, I will consider my life's work well-purposed." (EA)