Avery D. Wilson






Hi I’m Avery D. Wilson, a multidisciplinary leader and creative. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA and deeply influenced by my hometown roots and passion for the arts.  After 10+ years as an accomplished dancer, singer, actor, choreographer, and model, I have been able to use my talents to fulfill my life's passion of helping others and enriching the lives of individuals and emerging talent.

I began my performing arts studies under the Mid-City Dance Project, and later studied at Studio Harmonic of Paris, France, and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater of New York. In January of 2016, I launched the Avery D. Wilson Brand, which is an eight-pillared consulting brand focused on offering fresh, new perspectives through empowerment, self-expression, and belief in one’s self and abilities.

I like to think my pageantry experience began in my own living room as an 8yr old boy glued to the television, studying the contestants in the Miss USA and Miss America pageants. I have since won the title of Mr. Southern University (2002), served as an international judge of the Cinderella Pageant Organization in Las Vegas, NV (2014), and continue to love my work as a pageant coach and Louisiana Local Director of the Miss America Organization (2003). I never guessed in a million years that an opportunity to be a national titleholder as Mr. United States would ever present itself, but it serves as a testament to my life’s motto – you become what you believe!



(Living Optimistic Values Everyday)


On the road to the Mr. United States Pageant, Avery gained the support of his community by asking everyone to join his L.O.V.E. Matters Campaign. Living Optimistic Values Everyday is a three-pillared platform that addresses: Love for Self, Love for Others, and Love for Something Greater! He expresses the world’s need for more compassion and empathy by challenging every individual in society to intentionally embrace one positive value each day.

Wilson argues, “Society is becoming more cynical by the hour. The religious intolerances and social injustices that we witness daily are a manifestation of anger and fear. I genuinely believe that making the intentional effort to be better one day at a time will slowly cause the global energy of mankind to shift in ways like never before.” Wilson’s three components of love are fostered through artistic community-based initiatives, all steeped in meaningful dialogue. “To heal the world, we must start by loving ourselves. Once we are affirmatively renewed with self-love, it is our human duty to share it with others. Ultimately, the fullness of this vision has infinite power when it is connected to our consciousness of something greater than our selves. LOVE TRULY MATTERS!” (ADW).