Noah Splajt





Hi my name is Noah Splajt. I’m a 16-year old native of Hawaii, where I am a senior at Baldwin High School in Maui. I balance my academic life, with extracurricular involvement as the Captain of the Boy’s Tennis Team, Cadet Sgt. Major of Baldwin’s JROTC Program, and an active member of the Baldwin Drama Program. I also keep a very active schedule as a volunteer in my community and church.  My volunteerism and service include being an event MC, Camp Agape Mentor for kids with incarcerated parents, a teen spokesperson for Queen Kaahumanu Center, and a LIVE Broadcast Tech/Camera Operator at Hope Chapel. In addition, I’m enjoy an outgoing lifestyle by working out, hiking, body boarding, cliff-jumping, reading, playing video games, and traveling.

My interest in pageantry was sparked as a result of my love for modeling, and likely influenced by my teenage sister, Alex, who was crowned Miss Maui’s Outstanding Teen 2016. We have been each other’s inspiration and motivation. Winning my first pageant on the national level was a dream come true!  I take pride in accepting new challenges and working hard to accomplish my goals.

For the future, my plans include obtaining an engineering degree with ultimate aspirations of serving in the United States Air Force. Many believe it was my infectious personality that won the hearts of everyone in New York City. My life’s goal is to allow my spirit to genuinely guide my success in every field of my endeavors.


Teens Must L.E.A.D. 

(Learn it. Engage it. Apply it. Develop it.)


Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and courage are some of the values instilled in every cadet through the United States JROTC Program. Noah’s multi-year membership in this organization not only fostered an internalization of these values, but penetrated his consciousness in a way that urged him to share the positive values with others in his peer group. Noah believes, “In today’s society, we need more teens who are confident to be leaders of their own lives instead of simply following the paths of others.” The platform not only addresses the importance of self-identification, but it also includes an awareness of what Noah considers ‘lost values’ by younger generations. “I see so many of my peers who don’t respect their elders or themselves. We can’t lose positive values like respect.” 

Noah ultimately wants to share these core fundamentals in a curriculum-based training opportunity for teens across the country:
Learning, Engagement, Application, and Development. He firmly believes that even if teenagers are not exposed to a school-based course similar to JROTC, teens can still embrace the action steps necessary to be better leaders through socially interactive programs. The overarching mission can best be summarized by its four sources of leadership growth: Learning how to lead from within, Engaging with one’s self and with others, Applying the lessons learned to be better individuals, and Developing those skills to be impactful leaders of society.