MUS 2019-2020

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Dear Patrons,

The Mr. United States Organization is dedicated to serving communities in need through impactful service initiatives and organizational collaborations. The success of our organization and outreach is generated by three distinct forms of support: Donors, Partners, & Sponsors. MUS Donors are our valuable subscribers and contributors whose devoted time and/or monetary support aids our organizational initiatives, events, and program participants. MUS Partners act as cherished organizational teammates by bartering their services in return for our mutual support. MUS Sponsors are our honorable benefactors and promoters whose offerings amply fund our organizational programming and curriculum.

All MUS Patrons are also reminded that contributions can be designated specifically for MUS Scholarships. Join our 2020 Scholarship Campaign Here! We appreciate your support and we encourage you to learn more today about how you can join what we believe to be an inspiring and spirited movement!

Best regards,

MUS Office of Financial Management and Budget